Important Introducing the new Xonia!

Hello Xonians!

Welcome to the new forums! We've got some exciting news to share today; announcing the new and revamped Xonia network! This post aims to explain our new intentions for the server. This is a reform from the orignal network that was up and running in 2012!

New Website

Today we're releasing our improved and responsive forums! We've upgraded to the latest versions of the software and designs, bringing a fresh and more modern look to the website, something which we never had before.

Yes, there is a new Dark version for those who prefer it. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and change from Light to Dark in the theme selector. Post ratings have been upgraded, up-to-date emojis :cool:, and more for you to discover.

NOTE: New application forms are still being configured so please wait a few hours before posting any reports or appeals!

Xonia Breaker.png

What's Happening?

Originally as a multi-gamemode network, it is difficult to balance our workload over all 8 of our unique gamemodes. This leaves most gamemodes currently not active as we are starting all over again. We are aware with extremely low player counts but unfortunately we cannot magically make our old 300+ user base appear!

Therefore, we've decided to focus on one gamemode at a time. Starting with Survival. As one of our original, most popular and top grossing gamemodes at Xonia, it is the best option in order to start bringing back a community we once had. What we're working on is our most advanced, intricate Survival experience that we anticipate you'll all enjoy - existing Survival player or not.

As we're developing a completely new network experience, donor packages are also new and therefore excluded from what was there in 2012. (I don't have the old files)

New Gamemodes

As mentioned, our first new release is our unique Survival experience. We was one of the first servers to introduce dynamic gameplay to Survival, and we cannot wait to show you all. A dedicated announcement post about the progress is coming soon.

I'll be sure to keep you updated!

- Purdze
Xonia Breaker.png