Important BIG UPDATE


As you are all aware I've been in the wood works of making something big happening! I appriciate everyone for thier patience with the server whilst bugs are being fixed! I think we're at a good balance on the Surival Server where there aren't many bugs anymore! If you do of course encounter any bugs remember to post them here!

We've had a good amount of donations come in since we launched on the 29th July, in total we made around £120 which of course has all been put back into the server to keep it running and bring you guys these huge updates that keeps happening. Now lets get onto the good stuff shall we?

The update that you've all been waiting for includes:

  • Dedicated Server
  • Brand New Gamemode (Skyblock)
  • Bungee has now been incorparated
  • Brand new hub

Within the hub you will now see various new things. There is a parkour for you guys to try out, NPC's for joining servers, Gadgets, trails and much more. Feel free to look at some pictures of the hub below!


We now have a brand new hub for you guys to connect to, you can still use the standard ip when connecting (
Here a few images for you!


There is also a brand new gamemode coming to our Network which are proud to introduce!


This brand new gamemode has been requested by a few members and I feel we're at a right place to start introducing new things. This gamemode incldues so many custom and unique things which some include:

  • Island upgrades
  • Custom Hoppers
  • Player Bounties
  • Warzones
  • Daily Rewards

I'm aware that there could be many bugs so please be patient and report them as you see them! As for viewing of our skyblock server, you can find some pictures below!


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